Domain Names

What are these? A domain name is your website's address for on the Web. It's a unique and self identifying system that, if properly developed, will be become the most known part of your business in this ever changing futuristic world.

The domain name is one of the most steadfast parts of your site. After you purchase your domain name it cannot be changed. You can add as many pages as you want, and the domain name will remain the same. You can even create sub domains, which are essentially a website within a website. Even with a sub domain, your original and main domain name will not change.

Domain Name Example:
Sub Domain Example:

The next part of a domain name is the Extension. No website is complete without it. In this example, the Extension is .com

Extension Example:

There are many domain names as well as domain name extensions. Ben Morgan Creations will help you decided which one of each is best for your website and business. We will search the internet to find an available domain name that is exactly right for your business. You don't have to start your website on your own. Ben Morgan Creations can help you get your business off the ground (literally) with a professional and smart looking website.