Extra Features

As well as designing your site, we can include almost any extra features onto your site. Below are just a few examples of what we offer to you.

Join the online world with your very own customized blog. Have 100% control of your design and what you want to say. Write and update your blog right from home. No need for special programs or even a website. Use a blog for personal or business use. Connect to friends, family, or customers from either home or across the world.
Interactive Calendars
Organize your business and website with an interactive calendar. Customers will be satisfied by the ease and efficiency of these calendars. Include dates, meetings, and events with this easy to use feature.
Don't get stuck behind with single images on your site anymore. Have your choice in interactive, modern looking, easy to use slideshows. From thumbnails to full screens, we can offer you almost any type of design. Allow people to browse with ease at your business' sleek and smooth photos.
User Forums
Interact with your customers online with a modern and organized forum. Allow customers to talk with each other about their experiences, or open a topic of discussion to get the conversation flowing. Oversee and manage the posts, and choose how you want your forum to look and behave. Easily connect any forum we offer to an already existing website. Have it as secure as you want with 100% control over the forum's preferences.
Contact Forms
Have easy to use and easy to send messages sent directly from your website. Have a sleek and professional form that allows your users and customers to contact as easy as a click of a button. Customize the form in anyway you want and enjoy dozens of different options you can choose from.
Social Network Linking
Get your website into the fast lane by connecting it to your friends or customers in just minutes. We will help you set up and connect your social networking sites, like Facebook and Twitter, to your website. Get instant results and hits to your website with the benefit of connecting with your friends or customers.
PDF Creations
Have a file that you want on the web? We can customize and create any file and file type in a easy and reliable PDF document. PDF's are great if you have either a single or lots of documents to display on your website. Keep your information permanent and secure in a user friendly environment. Just need help in making a document a PDF? Contact us and we can help you through it.
Picture and Video Embedding
Along with slideshows creations, have your pictures and videos embedded on to your site in just a matter of minutes. No more hassle of getting pictures or videos on the web and worrying about it not being seen. We stay up to date on the technology that will help visitors to see your pictures and videos without any trouble.
Online Stores
Create an online eCommerce store to expand your business to the entire world. Have a store that caters to almost every country and every type of payment. With this secure and safe system you can even have all payments directly transferred to your bank account instantly. Keep your customer information secure as they shop for your product online.
Logo/Header Designs

Have your website standout amongst thousands of competing business with a eye catching logo and website header. Already have a logo? No problem, we can incorporate it into your website. Help us create what you want in your logo.

Have a chic and modern header design that will attract customers to your website and business. Be a part in creating the face of your business and website. We make sure we give you what you want and how you want it. We'll communicate with you every step of the way till you have 100% satisfaction.

Contact us and see what other features will help make your website great.